Dr. Elliot Dubin holds the position of senior lecturer in the Hospitality and Tourism Management program at the University of North Texas. His primary teaching responsibilities include Hospitality Law, Human Resources in the Hospitality Industry, and Management Foundations. In addition to his primary courses, Dr. Dubin is the instructor and coordinator for the Chicago Study Tour and has taught Hotel Operation and Foundations in International Tourism. Among the many committees and organizations, Dr. Dubin serves on at UNT he is currently an elected senator on the UNT faculty senate and serves on the university administrator evaluation committee. Dr. Dubin is an advisor to four student groups on campus including assisting in the founding of Colligate DECA at UNT and the student chapter of HATC.

Dr. Dubin received his Bachelor’s degree from the University Nevada Las Vegas in Hotel Administration and his Juris Doctor cum laude from Northern Illinois University, where he developed and taught several courses in lodging and hospitality law prior to joining the faculty at UNT. Dr. Dubin has held many positions in the hospitality industry while working for companies such as Bristol Hotels & Resorts, Davidson Hotels, and Sunstone Hotels. Through these companies he has managed hotel brands throughout the country such as Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn, Sheraton, and Renaissance Hotels. Dr. Dubin has also worked for Jani King of Illinois, managing the hospitality services division for the state of Illinois and northern Indiana. In addition, Dr. Dubin worked in the plastic distribution industry in New York and New England, and he had his own general law practice in the state of Illinois. Dr. Dubin is licensed to practice law in the state of Illinois and general bar for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. In his free time, Dr. Dubin is an avid traveler.