Dr. Xi Y. Leung received Emerald Literati Award 2018

Dr. Xi Y. Leung, assistant professor in the Department of Hospitality & Tourism Management, received 2018 Highly Commended Paper Award from Emerald Publishing for her article “Hotel social media marketing: a study on message strategy and its effectiveness” published on Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Technology.

The study investigate message types posted on 12 hotel brand Facebook pages. It develops a typology of Facebook messages consisting of four-type message format and six-type message content. Comparing the number of likes, comments, and shares, the picture message is the best message format. Product, brand and involvement messages are more effective than information, reward and promotion messages. Promotion message is the least effective message content type. The link to download the full paper is: https://www.emeraldinsight.com/doi/pdfplus/10.1108/JHTT-02-2017-0012

For over 20 years, Emerald Literati Awards for Excellence, including both outstanding paper & highly commended paper awards, is given to paper that demonstrates its excellence and contributes to the body of knowledge. http://www.emeraldgrouppublishing.com/authors/literati/awards.htm?year=2018&journal=jhtt

Dr. Leung received her PhD degree in Hospitality Administration from William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration at University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Her fields of expertise include social media, information technology, hospitality management, and destination marketing. Her personal profile can be found at here.