The Club at Gateway Center wraps up another successful season by serving more than 3,500 guests

This past year, The Club at Gateway Center hosted two of the most successful Guest Chef luncheons in the Club’s history.

The fall luncheon featured Award Winning Morris Salerno, Executive Chef & Owner of Bistecca-An Italian Steakhouse in Highland Village.  Chef Salerno is a North Texas native and has worked at many of the most famous Dallas area eateries.  His progressive interpretation of classical dishes was well received by guests and students.  

The spring luncheon featured Celebrity Executive Chef & Owner of the Pink Magnolia, Blythe Beck.  Chef Beck, a UNTHTM alumna, hosted the TV series “Naughty Kitchen” on the Oxygen Network prior to opening her upscale comfort food restaurant in Dallas in 2015. 

Both featured Chefs are extremely passionate culinarians with personalities as big as Texas!

As we approach the end of the Spring 2016 semester and our 29th year of operation, we would like to thank the 3,500 guests who visited the club this semester!  Your participation is the most critical piece to ensure student learning and success in this working laboratory. 

 We look forward to serving you next semester, when we open on October 3rd for Fall 2016!