Education + Academic Training Program (J1 Program)
This program welcomes undergraduate international students to the UNT campus to experience both the academic setting and also the industry environment. During the first semester of the program, the students enroll full time (12 credit hours) as non-degree seeking students. In the second semester of the program, students participate in academic training (i.e. internship) where students have hands on practical experience in the Hospitality and Tourism industry. Students transfer the UNT credits back to their degree at their home institution. Students must maintain J1 visa status throughout the duration of the program.

Transfer Program (“2+2”/”3+1” Programs)
A transfer program enables a student to enroll at UNT as a degree seeking transfer student, in which the student transfers credits earned at another institution to the student’s UNT degree plan. The student receives a single degree, granted solely by UNT. This transfer program is a two part program, for the “2+2” program 2 years of school work is completed at an affiliated College campus and the remaining credits transferred to UNT for the remaining of the course duration which will be completed at the UNT campus. The “3+1” program on the other hand take the same form for the completion of a four year program, with 3 years of course work at a College and the last year spent taking coursework at UNT. Currently, we are using this program format with community and neighbor colleges in Texas. 

Exchange Program
This program attracts a lot of international and domestic students who would like to take courses at a different school for a certain period of time during the course of getting an undergraduate degree. The duration of this program could be between one or two semesters. Course work taken at UNT can be transferred back to the University of Origin. 

Study Abroad Program
UNT’s Study Abroad programs allow UNT students to earn academic credit while immersing themselves in a different culture. Students complete course work in a university abroad and transfer the credit hours back to their UNT degrees. UNT offers 1,500 programs that vary in duration and type in 90 countries. Some programs are as short as a week, while others are as long as an academic year. A UNT student can also complete a study abroad experience through a UNT faculty-led study abroad program, in which a UNT student enrolls in credit hours at UNT and participates in a study abroad program in a foreign location(s) under a UNT faculty’s leadership and teaching and with a cohort of other UNT students. Participating in a study abroad program, enhances students’ academic performance upon return to UNT as well increase students success rate in securing employment or being accepted to graduate or professional schools. 

Dual Degree Program

China 121 Transfer Program
The Sino-American CHEPD 1+2+1 Transfer Program (China 121 Transfer Program) is sponsored by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities and the China Center for International Educational Exchange. UNT is the sole institution in the State of Texas operating the 1+2+1 China Transfer Program. Eligible undergraduate students from China complete one year of academic studies at their home institution, transfer to UNT and complete two years of academic studies, and return to China to complete the fourth year of their undergraduate degree. Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded an undergraduate degree granted solely by UNT and have the option of receiving an undergraduate degree from their home institution in China, granted solely by that institution.  Over the course of this program students complete the requirements for two degrees from two educational institutions, with a specially planned coursework process.  Each institution is primarily responsible for its own degree.

Joint Program
The UNT-CATIE Joint Master’s Degree in International Sustainable Tourism Program (MIST Program) is a single degree conferred by both UNT and CATIE. The MIST Program is the first of its kind offered in the U.S. The MIST Program is a five semester long program with two semesters at UNT and three semesters at CATIE in Costa Rica. Students are required to complete an internship in the tourism industry as part of the program requirements. This program enables students to complete a comprehensive academic degree while experiencing two different cultures.