Hospitality Work Experience Verification

Work Experience Guidelines
In addition to academic requirements, each student is required to complete: 100 hours pre-major work experience, 400 hours additional pre-internship work experience and 300 hours internship experience.

Hospitality Industry
Work hours must be completed within the hospitality industry. The purpose of this requirement is to enhance your ability to obtain a position in the hospitality industry and should be consistent with your career goals. All 800 hours must be paid and fall within this category.

ANY POSITION within an organization matching the list below will be accepted as hospitality hours with no restrictions.

  • Airline
  • Arena
  • Banquet/Event Facility
  • Bar/Tavern
  • Beverage Sales and Distribution
  • Car Rental Agency
  • Casino
  • Cruise Line
  • Exhibition Services Company
  • Event Planning Company
  • Gaming Regulation
  • Gaming Technology Company
  • Ground Transportation Company
  • Hotel
  • Nightclub
  • Outdoor Event Facility/Festival Grounds
  • Private Club
  • Quick Service/Fast Food/Food Trucks
  • Resort
  • Restaurant
  • Theme Park
  • Tour Company
  • Travel Agency