Frequently asked Questions for M.S in International Sustainable Tourism

No, applicants will only be accepted for a Fall term start date.  A new cohort of students will start at UNT each Fall term.

Students must complete the identified courses each semester to continue with their cohort group moving to CATIE' in Costa Rica.  If a student does not successfully complete the UNT courses then they potentially would defer to the following year. 

Yes, applicants have the opportunity to apply for competitive academic scholarships from CMHT.  The yearly deadline for applications is Februrary 1.

Students are also encouraged to seek scholarships from sources such as industry and professional associations.

There is an opportunity to apply for scholarship funding from UNT-International for the CATIE semesters. 



Students moving to Denton to attend UNT can live in UNT housing or off campus.

Yes, refer to the housing costs for details.

For Texas residents - refer to the UNT website for graduate tuition and fee cost. 

For non-Texas residents, refer to the Graduate Non-Resident tuition.

If a student is awarded a competitive academic scholarship at UNT of $1000 or more for the academic year, then the non-resident tuition is waived and the in-state tuition applies. 

As a private institution, the costs are the same for all students and will be accessed as an inclusive fee. This includes the tuition and fees combined.

For Summer 2013 – Spring 2015 it will cost $2,325.00 per course.  Therefore, the 18 hours of tuition and fees for the three semesters at CATIE will be $13,950 (US dollars).

Although fluency in Spanish is not necessary, it will greatly enhance the quality of your experience in Costa Rica, both personally and professionally. All courses will be conducted in English and all work is submitted in English. That being said, knowledge of basic phrases and familiarity with Spanish pronunciation will be beneficial in daily interactions on campus and in town, and will allow you to extract the most from conversations with professionals. Because of differences in learning styles and scheduling conflicts, it is highly recommended that you undertake language preparation courses individually. Perhaps most importantly, a willingness to try and communicate in Spanish will go a long way. Costa Ricans are famous for their hospitality and appreciate efforts to use Spanish, no matter how basic it is. At the beginning, it won't be uncommon to find yourself speaking to someone in broken-Spanish, while they respond in broken-English; this is part of travel, and something you will quickly overcome if you are open to the experience.

GRE, GMAT or EXADEP (Examen de Admisión a Estudios de Posgrado) official scores must be submitted to the Graduate School for the application review.  While there is not a minimum score required on the GRE, GMAT or EXADEP, competitive scores including the writing score are important as part of the review along with the applicant’s GPA, references and statement of purpose.

Students moving to Turrialba to attend CATIE must live on campus. Room and board plans are available for singles and couples, with or without dependents. Prices reflect the whole year including school holidays. The following chart provides a guideline of expected costs but may vary based on choice of board plan.